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The Season of Easter

Many people view Easter as one day, an event in time when the church celebrates the resurrection of Christ. Like Lent and Advent, Easter is not limited to one day, but it is a season. We have journeyed through these past forty days of Lent, a quiet reflection on the fragility of our own humanity and the recognition that God does not leave us alone in these moments but is present in the shadow places. The Easter season moves us from Lent to the most glorious time for the church. It is in this season made up of 50 days that we celebrate God’s grace given to us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter season is a time for watching and listening for those things within us and in the world that have died and come to life again. If the joy of Easter seems absent in our lives it is a season to let ourselves be held tightly by our church community, allowing them to walk with us, until Easter becomes a reality in our individual world. As was true for Lent, there are resources to deepen our experience of the Easter season. The PCUSA website provides daily readings and can be found at

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