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Faith in Action




Beacon is a sister congregation  in the Philadelphia Presbytery, led by Rev. Karen Rohrer (former ASPC Pastoral Associate) and Rebecca Blake (Arch Street Member Under Care) and a mission partner of Arch Street Presbyterian Church. The church was begun with the vision that a church should be concrete good news in its neighborhood.  Like Arch Street, Beacon spent time discerning the needs of their immediate community, and from there implemented regular creative worship and community building programming for all ages, focusing on art, literacy, and conflict resolution.

Co-Directors Rev. Karen Rohrer and Rebecca Blake

Situated in a divided and transition neighborhood, Beacon sees itself as a community growing together through arts, learning, and faith. In addition to their open programming, Beacon invites mission partners to come learn with them, assisting in the work of building a church sustainable beyond plate giving, exploring the systems affecting their neighbors to the North East, repairing a building that serves its neighborhood throughout the week, and engaging the question of what makes a church. Arch Street has partnered with them across this spectrum, ordaining Karen as an evangelist to her work there and supporting the ministry with staff, congregational participation, financial support, and vision.

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