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Arch Street Preschool

Arch Street Preschool is a joyful and open Christian community where gifts are celebrated through diversity, discovery and play.  | [email protected]  |  215.279.7086

With a desire to do preschool differently, members of Arch Street Presbyterian Church along with a wide-reaching group of supporters created a school by redesigning unused space in the church and initiating a preschool project to provide educational access to a diverse group of children and their families. The school in Center City Philadelphia opened on May 1, 2012.

“One of the things that I really like about Arch Street Preschool is the spirit I feel when I walk in the door,” a prospective parent shared on a recent tour. “I get a good feeling here.” The school is committed to making families feel welcome and to making school a joyful place.

Families with young children can to join this loving playful preschool while there is still space and encourages people in the community to “come see the new eco-friendly renovation on the second floor of a historic church.  With soaring ceilings and beautiful light, it’s ready to be filled with the voices and playful activity of children.”  Over thirty families are now part of the school community. Arch Street Preschool is enrolling children on a rolling basis until the intended capacity of forty children at any given time is reached. At all times, the school will maintain a ratio of one teacher to every six toddlers or one to every ten pre-kindergarteners.

“I believe early childhood education is the key to closing the educational gaps that exist in our society,”

said Lead Toddler Teacher Elle Crofton. “Setting a strong educational foundation and instilling a joy for learning in children gives them the tools to achieve success.” Using Creative Curriculum as a guide, the school nurtures children’s own capacity to learn and to develop in a variety of ways from eleven different interest  areas including Music and Movement, Outdoor Play, Sand and Water along with preschool staples such as Art, Blocks, and Dramatic Play.